Terms and Conditions

Appointments should be made to see a doctor. Doctor of choice may not be available as it is a group practice. Patients need to apply in time for a medical card or doctor visit card for themselves or their dependents in time and if no medical card number is available, patients will have to pay for the services rendered on the day.

A full list of the particulars in relation to the practice are available on our website. Prescription orders should be made via email to admin@themedicentre.com, by post or dropping in your medicine order form. Doctors may be unable to take calls during surgery consultation times. The Practice nurse may be able to return calls during late morning or late afternoons (from 4-5pm)Patients may be sent messages or reminders through text service provided they have consented to same.

House calls are decided on a case by case basis. Whilst medical and nursing staff aim to see patients at their appointed times, emergencies take precedence resulting in delays sometimes. If a patient needs to speak with one of the doctors or nurses, then as much information as possible should be given to the administration staff to help in triaging patients’ requests.

Forms and letters that patients request may take several days to complete and attract a fee. Please allow enough time for forms to be ready for collection. The practice operates a no credit policy and bills are expected to be paid on the day of appointment. In certain circumstances, a facility to pay a regular contribution via standing order until the bill is settled will be accommodated on a case by case basis. If patients have blood tests or any other intervention that will produce results, it is up to the patient to contact the practice to follow up results. Patients should not assume that just because the practice has not been in touch that everything is automatically satisfactory.The practice nurse/doctor who is taking the blood tests will remind you to follow up the results with the front desk.

Opening hours are 9 am – 12.40 pm, 2 pm – 4.45 pm weekdays. Out of hours services are provided through CAREDOC. Please ring the practice telephone number (071-9142550) to get contact details of same.

If a patient is seeking advice on travel vaccines, they must make an appointment with a doctor in the surgery at least 3 months in advance of travel ideally so enough time is available for appropriate vaccines to be administered. All travel vaccines have to be paid for prior to administration.

Aggressive behavior towards fellow patients or staff members will not be tolerated. If serious, patient will be removed from our list immediately, if less serious, one verbal warning will be issued and after that , patient will have to seek another practice. Clinics offered include Diabetes, Asthma, under six child developmental, periodic assessments .


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