Women’s Health

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We offer pre-conceptual advice and arrange initial investigations of possible fertility problems. Medicentre provide expectant mothers antenatal clinics which are free of charge after the initial consultation. Post delivery 6 week check up is included as part of the pregnancy care provided by Medicentre.

Cervical smears are provided free of charge if within the national guidelines. Regular cervical smears are advised to maintain a woman’s optimum health and detect cervical cancer at an early stage.

Sexually transmitted disease screening and advice on family planning is offered as part of women’s health reviews.

Comprehensive medical screening is offered to all women which includes amongst others, smears, continence care, breast feeding support, bone density screening and breast examination advice/instruction.

Medicentre provide Mirena coil and Implanon insertion as long acting forms of contraception.

The emergency contraception pill can be obtained via the nursing staff in consultation with the doctor.


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